AVIONAV Based on the east coast of Tunisia near the city of Sousse has dedicated its technology for ultralight aviation industry. Throughout its experience in the aeronautic construction, AVIONAV managed to impose itself on the market thanks to its limitless ambition and sharp sense of customer service.

Combining the human with the technical know-how, the company was able to bring a successful formula in terms of material selection (high performance composite and thin industrial sheet metal) and stage construction planning (high precision, painting and assembly).

AVIONAV beneficed deeply from the experience of its previously sister company STORM AIRCRAFT that designed and manufactured the aircraft models since the late nineties.

Since 2014, AVIONAV was fully acquired by Tunisian investors, and since then the only producer of its distributed aircraft models. Hundreds are flying since over twenty years all around the world.

AVIONAV is putting a strong R&D effort to provide high technological aerial solutions based on its aircraft models.

Company informations:
Registration number : M.F : 990612/G/A/M000 – R.C : B249052007
Phone number : 0021652982407

Management :
CEO: Mr Foued EL KAMEL. email: foued.elkamel@avionav.net
Assistant: Nada Marzouk. email: nada.marzouk@avionav.net
R&D Director : Hichem Mokni. email : hichem.mokni@avionav.net
Chief Engineer : Amine Agrebi. email: amine.agrebi@avionav.net
Sales Manager: Khouloud Chatti. email: khouloud.chatti@avionav.net