With the Century, breakthrough the boundaries. The Century has benefited from an aerodynamic study which gives it a sleek styling design with a particular attention to profile unique lines.

Specifically intended (designed) to be both faster and maneuverable the Century have not ceased to impress acrobats, aerialists.

Feel the exhilaration of a great performance


A full aircraft-grade Aluminum frame for a greater robustness. A streamlined approach ensures sufficient steering capability combined with the agility provided by the  Low wings.

A great fuel loads capacity of 34.5 gal so it can travel to 1056 miles.

Interior design :

The cabin offer two spacious places and a large canopy. Ergonomic seats for long distance journeys. A spacious external baggage compartment.


We equipped our Rally with finesse avionic configuration and a high level of technologies.

  • 2 HD SkyView screen
  • EFIS D-100
  • Attitude Indicator
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Altimeter
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Turn Coordinator /Ball
  • Compass Heading Turn Rate
  • Clock/Timer
  • G-Meter,
  • Voltmeter
  • Angle of attack indicator
  • Transponder


We are relying on “Dynon Avionics” leader for Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft.

Power-plant :

Only renowned engine are purchased. Bombardier- Rotax 914 ULS (100 hp) engines are renowned for operating economy (75% power 3.9 gal/h), longevity and torque

 the engine has TBO of 2000 hours,4 horizontally opposed cylinders in boxer configuration, four stroke, a mixed cooler (liquid for cylinder head and air for the cylinders) taking the rotational speed of the propeller to 2 387 rpm at the engine maximal power mode to 5 800 rpm.


Characteristics :integrated reduction drive I = 2,43, torque limiter, double electronic ignition system, expansion vessel and integrated water pump, 2 constant depression carburetors, fuel pump, an electrical starter with relay, oil injector and  filter, two temperature probes for cylinder head, an oil temperature probe and an oil pressure probe.



We ensure the most appropriate equipment therefore we chose DUC propeller provider services since 1997. The SWIRL three bladed model made with Fiber Carbon, ground adjustable, with TBO of 800h.


Landing Gear

Tricycle with a nose gear filled with a single directional wheel and a duals wheel with brakes

Technical characteristics (Tableau)