Full Carbon Fiber aircraft

The Rally is the latest in state of the art Special Light Sport Aircraft design. The Rally is a result of many years of extensive research and development; carbon fiber and Kevlar are utilized in the construction of the Rally to create a lightweight and extremely strong airplane. Its composite structure is not subject to rot, rust or corrosion. This design increases performance and helps to reduce maintenance and repair costs.


The Storm Century SLSA is an all-metal low-wing aircraft. Cutting edge aerodynamic design technology enables all of the aircraft’s outside surfaces to generate life, thereby, adding measurably to the performance, stability, and fuel efficiency of this sleek new entry in the US SLSA market.


Do you want to climb up to 18,000 ft like others and fly quicker with your non-pressurized cabin aircraft?
OXYFLY – the oxygen generator for aircraft – makes this possible by providing you and your passengers with constant supply of oxygen.

Using this oxygen generator now provides passengers with a continuous supply of therapeutic oxygen produced on board. The supplied oxygen quality has been tested and conforms with the cytotoxicity standard ISO 10993-5.