Who we are

We provide Light Sport Aircrafts to clients around the world,
aircraft parts. We develop advanced technical solutions with our partners.

Who we are

Based on the east coast of Tunisia, AVIONAV factory of Borgine, Sousse has dedicated its technology system to the light aviation industry.
Throughout its experience in the aeronautic construction, AVIONAV managed to impose itself on the market thanks to its limitless ambition and sharp sense of customer service.
Combining the humain with the technical know-how, the company was able to bring a successful formula in terms of material selection (high performance composite and thin industrial sheet metal) and stage construction planning (high precision, painting and assembly).

Our Success

We believe well-trained personnel is a key success factor. Our teams in the engineering department and our technician develop their experience and know how not only through daily practice, but through ongoing technical education as well..
Our team work with passion. In the engineering department we apply CAD software. In the different workshops, we control complete process of projects.
In this way we completely guarantee our products optimal engineering, high quality, cost-effective, long life structural.

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